Moving your life to a new country is daunting – and can sometimes be confusing. The Australian Visa process alone will require hours of work, let alone finding employment and a place to live.

You don’t have to do it alone! We work with employers all around Australia to find workers just like you. They are ready and waiting to hire someone with the right skills, the right experience – and the right attitude.

It’s not just employment that we help you with. Once we recruit you, we help with everything else too. We work with a migration lawyer to provide an all inclusive service, meaning we help you organise everything you need to live and work in Australia.

We provide:


Connecting you to a job you are skilled and qualified for.


Liaising with your employer on contract details.

Visa Assistance

Assistance with
Visa applications.


Logistical help with
relocation to Australia.

The next step

Let's discuss your workforce needs

How Skillmart Works

We have developed practical specialised structured systems. We use our expert teams in a coordinated way for Human Resources selection, development, mobilisation to contribute in ultimate economic progress.

WHY Skillmart

  • We believe our functional Human Resource management system will benefit all partners in Socioeconomic parameters.
  • Customised solutions to suit your business.